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Best image on the internet \m/


Best image on the internet \m/

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The Ingelrii Sword

  • Dated: 960 AD - 1035 AD 
  • Medium: iron 
  • Measurements: L (overall) 882 mm; L (blade) 742 mm; W 54 mm 

Sword with fullered blade, curved guard and trilobed pommel. The maker’s name “INGELRII” is inlaid on one side of the blade in iron letters, two groups of three upright bars on other. The sword has been repaired recently on the blade.

Most of this sword was found in the Thames near Putney railway bridge in 1905. The point was found a year later, further upstream at Fulham, and the pieces were fixed together.

In the 900s and 1000s, fine sword blades were made in the German Rhineland, and were exported to Scandinavia and to England. The names ‘Ingelrii’ and ‘Ulfberht’ appear on many of these blades, and must have represented important swordsmiths’ workshops.

Source: © Museum of London


Handmade Swords

  • Name: Helvegr
  • Swordsmith: Jake Powning  
  • Measurements: Length ~ 75cm; Weight ~ 1127g

This sword is inspired by the single edged Viking swords from Norway. These fiercely elegant swords form an untapped wellspring of Viking Age material culture.

Source: © Jake Powning


Mr. Franco, that was ill-advised.

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